Odds & Ends

 Hot water Dispenser


Whether you love a cup of warm tea in the evening or coffee in the morning, having a hot water dispenser that works effectively can bring comfort and convenience to your home. If you would like access to instant hot water whenever you need it, reach out to Blue Ridge Mountain Plumbing for hot water dispenser installation.

Water softener installation


Hard water stains can be annoying and scale buildup can impede water flow and damage your pipes, faucets, and fixtures over time. With water softener installation by Blue Ridge Mountain Plumbing, you can put hard water headaches behind you.


Blue Ridge Mountain Plumbing can install new appliance hook-ups for that new dishwasher, ice machine, or washing machine.

Garbage disposals

Need to replace your faulty garbage disposal or install one in your home for the first time? Blue Ridge Mountain Plumbing garbage disposal installation can get the job done—we're experts in all types of residential plumbing installation and upgrades.